Our Story

Grant Argyilan

  • I grew up in Aurora, IL. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Management from Illinois College. I also have a Master's of Business Administration degree from Aurora University. I played 3 years of baseball at Illinois College and found my calling to the fitness industry. I have been a Strength & Conditioning intern, ambassador for a supplement company and am now compete in the USPA and competed in my first National Championship in 2022. Starting STG with my brothers from Illinois College has allowed me to use my platform to spread God's word and teachings while also being able to express my passion for fitness.

Jesse Worden

  • I grew up in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I attended college in Illinois where I met Grant and we became best friends as brothers in Christ. In my first 2 years I battled with injuries while paying football and through those experiences I developed a passion for fitness and coaching. Despite this new passion, I had one more year to complete my music performance degree. Instead of adding more years of schooling, I spent all my free time testing and developing my own programming, participating in Strength & Conditioning internships, and researching other aspects of fitness & nutrition. I now coach football and basketball at my high school and help other sports in Strength & Conditioning. While I'm not coaching sports I work with mybrothers in Christ to spread God's word through fitness.